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wild mum

A new-writing double bill by Martha Watson Allpress

“Wild Mum”

Lauren and George are siblings who have recently lost their Mum; heartbroken and coping the best they can. George is getting lonelier by the minute and Lauren is just trying to control everything around her, but then they meet Irene; is there a way to still feel connected to someone after they’ve gone? A play about family, and the healing powers of water.

Directed by Denise Laniyan. Performed by Remi King and Libby Mai.

“Contains Adult Themes and Violence”

Join our mysterious narrator recording her latest episode of the newest true crime podcast. She loves it, you love it. But something about this episode feels different…why is this woman so angry, and who the hell is Jennifer Swindon?

TW: Explicit discussions of murder and sexual assault.

Directed by Nathalie Wright. Performed by Chloe Palmer.