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Notes From Underground

30th May - 10th June



Tuesday - Saturday 7.30pm
Sunday at 4pm

 Inspired by DOSTOYEVSKY

John Cooper takes  Dostoyevsky's  `underground man ` from the   nineteenth century novella  Notes from Underground and transposes him from St. Petersburg  to a subterranean, contemporary London, revealing the universality of the Russian author's writings.

Cooper's play, based on the second part of the novella, A Story of  the Falling Sleet, depicts the tragedy of a man turned in on himself, a man who both craves and despises affection,

A cast of seven actors portray the wide variety of contemporary characters that inhabit the man's underground  world  where sex is regarded as a negotiable commodity, where the protagonist finds himself overwhelmed by a society that exploits rather than alleviates his  inner pain.