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A Sacred Thing

2nd & 3rd September

Monday and Tuesday 7.30 pm

By Laurence Power

Southern justice is torn to shreds during the jury deliberations in a race trial set to make history. Based on a true event.

A young African-American boy is murdered at the hand of the town Sheriff. The charge? Manslaughter. The play follows the jury’s deliberations on a hot Tennessee day, as they try to decide to go with justice, and convict or tradition and acquit. The play is based around the true story of James Stephenson, a 2nd World War Veteran, who was lynched over a broken radio. Each of the 12 Jury members has their own motivations for this case, as the play progresses, and the day grows hotter, their stories unfold.

Themes: Race, pride, family, tradition. With some violence and strong language.

Suggested minimum age is 15.

Click here  to watch the play’s opening.


£16 (£14 concessions)